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One Label Does Not Necessarily Solve Varying Surface Material and Surface Conditions

Posted by Kathleen

(11/8/17)   Hey, it's Kathleen - discussing factors to be aware of when finding the right labels for your various products.

Here's a common scenario we hear - is this your situation?

"I have several products with different surface materials and surface conditions that I'd like one label for -- one is wood, another is foam rubber, and the other is plastic." 

As part of labelling application specifications, some times we receive requests for “one label” that will work on a variety of surface materials -- for instance, raw wood, powder coated, rubber or plastic materials.  Surface materials have different surface properties. All surface materials are not alike, therefore, one label face stock/adhesive would not necessarily be a solution for all surfaces.    In addition, it’s not only the surface material that must be taken into consideration, but it’s equally important to understand all the applicable surface conditions of each surface material to determine the right label face stock and adhesive.

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IntelliBar Mi46 Network Printer Now Has a Wireless Solution

Posted by Kathleen

(7/27/17)    Hey! It's Bernie with a new update and tip on wireless technology...

Tired of stringing ethernet cable everywhere you want to place a printer? Here’s something you might try if your Wi-Fi signal reaches the location where you want to place a networked printer such as our IntelliBar Mi46 or legacy M48N100, M412N100 or M88N100. For around 50 bucks (on Amazon), purchase a NetGear AC750 Range Extender and an Ethernet cable. Once the range extender is set up (directions included), it will pick up your Wi-Fi signal and you can then use the ethernet cable to connect your printer’s ethernet port to the ethernet port on the range extender. Wah-la!

FYI… Want to know the quality of your Wi-Fi signal where you want to place the range extender and printer? Try this: download this app to your smart phone “Wifi Analyzer” (I got it from the Play Store). It will tell you nearly everything you want to know about the Wi-Fi signals present at the location.      Any questions, don't hesitate to contact us

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Specialty Lumber Tags Withstand High Temperature Kilns

Posted by Kathleen

(7/13/17)     Hey!  It's Kathleen sharing a new custom label solution...

Ever run tagged lumber through a 200+ degree hot kiln and find your tag curled, distorted or burnt off to a crisp?  And you've invested in thousands of these tags?   How high did your temperature rise?

With IntelliTech's proven custom tag made for this particular application, the re-enforced synthetic printed tag that goes into the kiln comes out of the kiln in that same manner.

Lumber production is a complex process where green timber is sawn, dried and processed. The natural air-drying of lumber can be a long process, so often times lumber will be kiln-dried to expedite the process.   The temperature of the kiln can get up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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