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IntelliBar Mi46 Network Printer Now Has a Wireless Solution

Posted by Kathleen

(7/27/17)    Hey! It's Bernie with a new update and tip on wireless technology...

Tired of stringing ethernet cable everywhere you want to place a printer? Here’s something you might try if your Wi-Fi signal reaches the location where you want to place a networked printer such as our IntelliBar Mi46 or legacy M48N100, M412N100 or M88N100. For around 50 bucks (on Amazon), purchase a NetGear AC750 Range Extender and an Ethernet cable. Once the range extender is set up (directions included), it will pick up your Wi-Fi signal and you can then use the ethernet cable to connect your printer’s ethernet port to the ethernet port on the range extender. Wah-la!

FYI… Want to know the quality of your Wi-Fi signal where you want to place the range extender and printer? Try this: download this app to your smart phone “Wifi Analyzer” (I got it from the Play Store). It will tell you nearly everything you want to know about the Wi-Fi signals present at the location.      Any questions, don't hesitate to contact us

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Specialty Lumber Tags Withstand High Temperature Kilns

Posted by Kathleen

(7/13/17)     Hey!  It's Kathleen sharing a new custom label solution...

Ever run tagged lumber through a 200+ degree hot kiln and find your tag curled, distorted or burnt off to a crisp?  And you've invested in thousands of these tags?   How high did your temperature rise?

With IntelliTech's proven custom tag made for this particular application, the re-enforced synthetic printed tag that goes into the kiln comes out of the kiln in that same manner.

Lumber production is a complex process where green timber is sawn, dried and processed. The natural air-drying of lumber can be a long process, so often times lumber will be kiln-dried to expedite the process.   The temperature of the kiln can get up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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