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Case Study: Manufacturer Using Barcode Labels Reduces Inventory Time

Posted by Susan Fields

Window Manufacturer Reduces Inventory Time 

Quaker Windows had many challenges when they came to us many years ago.  With our barcode labeling solution, they dramatically reduced their inventory time.  

Challenges: Keeping track of their complicated inventory, product identification, work in progress tracking and taking year-end physical inventory

Solutions: Printing out barcoded labels from their networked IntelliBar M48 and M412 printers enabled them to automate their processes and get better control of their enormous inventory

Results: Less time in inventory control and processing, increased customer satisfaction and more time to focus on expanding the business

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 As a result of using the IntelliTech barcode label solution, Quaker Windows has:

  • Reduced the end of year physical inventory taking from 2 weeks to 1/2 day
  • Eliminated 100% of human error element with accurate inventory
  • Gained cost savings in man-hours since they don't have to have somebody in maintenance worrying about having to do preventative maintenance on the printers
  • 100% ability to do cycle counts for real-time, up-to-date inventory totals throughout the year
  • Improved customer satisfaction by allowing the customer to check the progress of their order in real time during Quaker Windows manufacturing process
  • More time to focus on the continual expansion of the windows and door business in additional niche markets

"We've always stuck with IntelliBar printers because they worked so well, they're so durable -- I can sleep well at night with those IntelliBar printers because they never go down," says Rick.

 To read more about other customers' results, get the Free PowerPoint slides, Customers Talk.   


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