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Barcode printing for resorts and hotels

Posted by Susan Fields

Barcode Printing for Resorts and Hotels


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Barcode printing provides many solutions for resorts and hotels. Barcodes enhance operational efficiency, allow better tracking and management of assets and inventory, enable better security for ticketed events, and enhance the guest experience through better customer service. Three specific activities that the resort or hotel may offer are ideal for barcode labeling:

1.      Ocean rentals – Oceanside resorts often rent out snorkel gear, kayaks, surfboards and other water recreation equipment. Barcode labeling improves tracking and control of these rental items.

2.      Bicycle rentals – Larger resorts may offer their guests the option of renting bicycles for sight-seeing. Reliable and durable recreation barcodes allow for easy identification and enable resorts to know what bikes need repair or replacement.

3.     Child safety -  Parents who leave their child in the hotel child center, do so with greater ease, knowing their child will have a barcoded wristband.  


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