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Barcode Labels in Casinos

Posted by Susan Fields

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Barcodes in casinos are used many ways.  Here are at least five uses for barcode labels in the gaming industry:

1.      Cash box tracking – Casinos must comply with federal regulations and provide a documented trail of currency transactions. As cash boxes move from slot machines to cashiers, they are handled by various personnel; these transfer steps must be recorded. A barcode label can be applied to the cash box and each gaming machine, as well as provided to each casino employee in the form of a badge. When cash boxes are moved, barcode scanning enables accurate tracking and identification of employees involved. The result is better control over the vast amounts of cash generated and better compliance with federal regulations.

2.      Inventory management – Consumable items – for example playing cards, napkins and disposable cups - can be readily tracked and managed with barcode labels. Barcodes provide real time information on what items to restock, and so enable better balance between customer demand and inventory costs.

3.      Asset management - Casinos invest substantial resources in capital equipment such as slot machines and gaming tables. Barcode labels enable the casino to mark each piece of equipment with a unique identifier and then to track maintenance, location, age, depreciation and other important factors.

4.      Event ticketing – Event tickets encoded with a unique barcode label means duplicate and fraudulent tickets are readily identified. Barcode labels improve event efficiency, making it easier for staff to rapidly and effectively handle large crowds entering through limited portals. Because barcode labels for recreation are readily customized, they can be encoded with seat location and other relevant information.

5.      Child security – More casinos are marketing themselves as family-friendly destinations and providing children activity centers within the casino. Barcode labels in a badge or wristband form for both child and parents enhance security and safety, and allow parents to enjoy the casino experience. Matching barcode identifiers can be printed for both child and parent and only when the parent’s barcode matches the child’s will that child be released to the parent.


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