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Linux and Barcode Label Printing

Posted by Susan Fields

Linux and barcode label printing

Linux, the open source Unix-like free computer operating system, runs on a wide variety of computer platforms, including desktops, mid-range, mainframe and super computers.  There are many distinct versions or distributions of Linux, but all include the Linux kernel that is the core of the operating system.

Linux printing is supported by the Linux Foundation work group, OpenPrinting, which provides resources for printing with Linux systems.  The workgroup maintains Linux printer drivers for a very large number of office printers.

However, thermal printers, not office printers, are the printer of choice for a wide variety barcode label printing requirements due to their very fast print speeds, sharp printed image edge definition and high reliability. Thermal transfer images are greatly resistant to smudge and the right combination of ribbon and media results in a very durable, scratch- and solvent-resistant image. 

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