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Barcode Label Printers for Ski Resorts

Posted by Susan Fields

Barcode Label Printers for Ski Resorts

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Barcode label printers are an ideal solution for many of the customer service functions at the ski resort, as well as for more traditional applications in inventory and equipment management. Here are four ways barcode labels enhance ski resort business performance:

1.  Track, manage and maintain equipment rentals – Ski resorts rent out many items daily - skis, boots, poles, goggles, snowboards - so customers enjoy their on-slope experience. Barcode labeling enables faster rental processes and more accurate equipment monitoring and tracking. This in turn leads to a more efficient and customer-friendly operation. Equipment safety is enhanced and resort liability is reduced with barcode labels, as resorts easily keep up-to-date records on equipment maintenance and repairs. 

Since some resorts operate multiple rental locations within a single resort location, barcodes allow for better inventory management out of these multiple rental locations.

Barcode labeling allows management to track peak rental times so promotions geared to off-peak hours can be developed; knowing when peak rentals occur enhances inventory management as well.

2.  Season passes and daily lift tickets –Season passes generate significant revenue and so it’s critical to have a reliable season pass product solution. Barcode printers rapidly generate durable labels able to withstand a season of skiing or snowboarding in wet and cold environments. And, barcodes easily embed security features to eliminate fraud and duplication. Daily lift tickets, likewise, are generated rapidly and accurately with a barcode label solution so resorts avoid long ticket lines, guaranteed to cause frustration for customers eager to hit the slopes.

3.  Retail merchandising/food and beverage – Gift shops and food/ beverage operations within a ski resort are other important revenue sources. Inventory control and management is maximized for these areas with a barcode label solution that tracks items sold and manages on-hand inventory and re-ordering tasks.

4.  Children’s activities – Many ski resorts target families, offering classes teaching kids the basics of downhill or cross-country skiing, and snowboarding. A barcode label is ideal to ensure child safety. Children and parents can be provided with a unique barcode identifier on tags, wristbands or labels. When a parent comes to pick up the child, staff matches the parent and child barcode identifiers so children are released to the appropriate adult.

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