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Medical Center Barcoding

Posted by Susan Fields


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In both the lab and medical center, barcoding helps streamline processes and improve efficiency. Barcoding helps decrease human errors with faster, more accurate test results.

End Labeling Interpretation
Messy handwritten labels are prone to frequent interpretation mistakes. In a moment of crisis, workers don’t have the time to go off hunting for their coworkers to answer questions about patient notes.  In medical centers that use barcoding, labels are clearly printed, read and scanned, preventing accidents related to misinterpretation of handwritten notes.

Speeding up the Process
In medical centers that do not use barcodes, personnel manually key in patient identifiers by hand. Although this takes only a few minutes per patient, those minutes rapidly add up to many hours at the end of a long day and hundreds of patients. Medical center barcoding not only speeds up the process of entering patient data, but also eliminates the possibility of information being incorrectly keyed in due to human error.

Improving the Patient Experience
Fewer errors make happier patients. Patients who are more satisfied with their care will continue choosing services from the same facility. Improving the patient experience through lab and medical center barcoding both increases patient satisfaction and revenue while decreasing overhead.

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