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Cost Savings with Barcode Label Solutions for Manufacturing

Posted by Susan Fields

manufacturing barcodes Opportunities for cost savings are numerous with barcode label solutions for manufacturing. Companies can monitor and schedule production better, making just-in-time production techniques a reality. Less stock held means less capital tied up and the possibility for it to earn money elsewhere for the company; less space used means more room to work or less investment needed in extending warehouse and production areas. Yet these cost savings also depend on the correct use of barcodes.

Barcode label solutions for manufacturing need to be applied in a consistent way, with scanning of barcodes of both articles and locations. Up-to-date records must be kept of how many items are stored and where. A company can therefore avoid ordering extra raw materials simply because a previous delivery was stored in an unknown location. Similarly, barcode scans when finished products are put away or picked let a company determine which items sell faster and need more production runs; compared to others where stocks and therefore corresponding costs can be reduced.

Further costs that can be avoided include replacement costs of equipment or tools that go missing. Barcode label solutions for manufacturing that include barcodes for plant assets and users mean that checking out tools can be quick and simple, while also being properly managed. Plant assets are tracked and returned to store for others to use, instead of being forgotten in a production department. In this way companies can even stop seeing equipment and tools as costs a company bears, and consider them as profit and revenue generators instead.

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