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With Barcodes Label Solutions for Manufacturing, Never Lose Anything Again

Posted by Susan Fields

barcoding in manufacturing As manufacturing environments get bigger and more complex, not only are there more items to track, but there is also more chance of an item going astray. Work in progress, plant assets or tools that go missing lead to loss of time and tempers, and ultimately loss of money. Knock-on effects can include customer or sales channel dissatisfaction, which can then even lead to loss of market share. So how do barcode label solutions for manufacturing help?

Barcodes link the real world of raw materials, products and tools with the information databases of an IT system. In doing so, they allow any changes of quantity or location of physical items to be immediately registered. Users can easily find items in order to carry out operations in an overall manufacturing plan. With barcode label solutions for manufacturing, the barcode of an individual item can be matched with the barcode for the location where it is being stored or used, and as appropriate, with the barcode of the user or department using it.

This means that at any time the company can have a record of what it has on its premises, where to find it and who is using it. The advantages of barcode label solutions for manufacturing are numerous. They include knowing where to pick the raw materials for a new production run, and speeding up finished product picking and shipment. Other examples are tracking who checked out a particular tool and which department should be contributing to depreciation or replacement costs. 

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