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Customize labels to get what you really need

Posted by Susan Fields

custom label  Barcoding is the smart, easy way to track your valuable assets—like equipment, supplies, documents—and reduce errors by avoiding the human error and the lost time that results from these mistakes. A track and trace system also saves the lost time from staff members hunting for missing products that were put away in the wrong place, entered into the system incorrectly and dealing with wrong shipments—from handling the customer complaint to tracking the package, repacking and shipping the order, and picking up the extra cost.

With so many uses and so many industries now relying on the significant benefits of barcoding, standard barcode labels might not always do the best job for you. Yes, there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of standard choices on the market, but you should focus on ensuring that your labels fit the function, not the other way around.

Luckily, you have the opportunity to customize labels to fit your specific needs—including the size, shape, media type, color, and adhesive. If you have elements (like a logo or contact information) that will appear on every label, you can preprint your labels with any standard data or images.

Custom labels enable you to improve the efficiency of your barcoding functions. For example, you can color-code your labels according to department, subject, urgency, or other criteria. Choose the colors you want and the information to be preprinted, such as a department name. In some cases, you might want these color-coded bar code labels to have a temporary adhesive, and you can further customize labels to give you that feature.

Whether you have unusually shaped items to mark that need durable labels to withstand harsh conditions or just need a wider variety of labels that conform to your corporate standards, you’ll find that customizing is an affordable solution. Save time with ready-to-use barcode labels that free up your barcode printer for other functions.

Take the time to evaluate how you are using barcoding in your operation. If you customize labels, can you improve efficiency and accuracy? Talk to us at IntelliTech International about your barcoding label uses, or take a few minutes to complete our on-line Custom Label Request for Quote.

At IntelliTech International, we specialize in custom barcode labels and we inventory a broad selection of dies in order to give our customers an affordable way to get even short runs of customized labels. We can usually deliver the initial shipment of custom labels in 15 days or less with following orders delivered in 8 days or less.

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