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Why should you buy custom barcode labels?

Posted by Susan Fields

custom barcode label

Barcoding is not just a convenience, but a necessity. Technology enables us to compress vast amounts of important information into a series of bars and white spaces. With one scan, one can capture any information from product details to the personal information of a hospital patient to the tracking information for a manufactured part. Barcodes are used to track inventory and shipments, control access to secured places, and mark products as tiny as a computer chip or as oddly shaped as a piece of fruit. From protecting your patients to tracking your assets, barcoding is a simple way to keep track of what matters.

When you switch to barcoding, you have your choice of hundreds of labels. “Standard” is a very broad term because you can combine different sizes, shapes, colors, face stock materials, and adhesives to get the label media you need in your choice of rolls or fanfolded stacks. This is great when you want to print your own labels, but when you spend more time creating labels than using them, it might be time to think about getting custom barcode labels.

Do you need to choose custom barcode labels or is “off the rack” suitable for your needs? Is there a label that would be more efficient but isn’t readily available in the adhesive, size, or media that would give you the best results? Are you regularly reprinting the same information; does the barcode label include standard information like a company logo, phone number, or web address?

If any of these scenarios sounds all too familiar, you should consider custom barcode labels instead of the standard variety you’re currently using. Although the word “custom” can feel synonymous with “more expensive”, that’s not necessarily the case. At IntelliTech International, for example, we stock a huge selection of dies, which may suffice for your custom label without needing to pay for a custom die.
Because IntelliTech International specializes in producing custom labels, we need to stay on top of the current trends in terms of media choices and compliance labeling standards. We inventory a complete range of facestocks—both paper and synthetic—that will deliver the best results for your custom label requirements. We can produce just about any configuration of shape, size, color, facestock, adhesive and custom color printing that you can imagine. We will work with you to identify the best option for your requirements, Choosing the right label provides lasting barcodes that remain scannable and adhere to the surface as long as you need.

Maximize the efficiency of your barcode printing by considering the value of custom labels. Whether pre-printed labels are the best option or you just need a customized label shape or size to meet a specific application, choose a label supplier that understands barcoding so you can be sure that the labels you order are truly the labels you need.

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