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Save time by using preprinted custom labels

Posted by Susan Fields

preprinted custom barcode label

How many different items do you barcode daily? Are you printing your own labels because you need sequential barcodes? If you are using barcoding throughout your operation, you might find that you could actually save time and money by purchasing custom labels instead of printing them yourself.

You can get sequential numbering on labels that are printing exactly to your specifications—size, shape, color, facestock, liner, and barcode symbology—and preprinted with your barcode series. Consider the savings in terms of staff time to program, load, and print the labels, as well as the cost of the printer and supplies. The more labels you produce, the greater your savings by opting for custom labels.

At IntelliTech International, we specialize in custom labels that serve the needs of a variety of industries and applications:

• Healthcare. Preprinted, sequentially numbered barcode labels are used throughout hospitals, clinics, labs, and pharmacies. Color-coding helps to visually identify samples, records, departments, and other variations in order to improve patient safety (including preprinted directions and warnings) and provide accurate tracking and tracing of vital equipment. The high volume of pharmaceuticals (including unit dosage), lab samples, and medical records makes preprinted custom labels a time-saver for the busy staff.

• Document management. Businesses that rely on easy access to an abundance of documents—such as libraries and law firms—utilize preprinted sequential barcode labels to keep track of essential papers and records. Having custom labels on hand improves staff productivity, accuracy, and access.

• Security. Tamper-evident facestock and adhesives, which leave a mark (such as the word “VOID”) when removed, provide a great resource for protecting labeled items. Preprinting the tamper-evident/tamper-proof labels with sequential barcoding provides an asset tag that can save money because you don’t need to maintain an inventory of special equipment and supplies to produce them. These features are not easily duplicated, copied, or scanned, adding an extra layer of security. 

• Manufacturing and warehousing. Maintaining a warehouse filled with inventory must rely on barcoding in order to be efficient. From coding packages to pallets to racks and shelves, barcodes identify both contents and location. With custom labels, a warehouse or manufacturing facility can get preprinted barcodes with additional identifiers, like area, department, contents, or even arrows to indicate location on a warehouse rack. Through the manufacturing process, a product with multiple coded parts can utilize preprinted barcode labels that cover every component.

Switching to custom preprinted labels can simplify processes throughout your organization. With digital printing technology, you don’t need to order thousands of labels in order to implement a more efficient barcoding system. If you only need a few, you can get them. And by using the option of custom labels, you can choose all the features you need to make your labels more functional. With our huge inventory of dies, you’ll likely find that you can save the cost of having a custom die produced.

Take a look at how you’re currently using barcodes in your business. Could your labels be better? Are there printing functions that you don’t have in-house? Invest the time now in discovering ways to incorporate more efficiency by using custom labels and you could discover the ROI makes the choice worthwhile.

Talk to one of the label specialists at IntelliTech International to learn about the various options for preprinted barcode labels, or take a few minutes to complete our on-line Custom Label Request for Quote.


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