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Label Maker for Mac Lion, Mountain Lion and Other OS Felines

Posted by Susan Fields

MAC lion As a Mac aficionado, you probably know that Mac Lion (Mac OS X Lion to give it its full name, or Mac OS X version 7) was released in 2011 as the successor to Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 6). The names are pretty enough, but this kind of release is a headache for some users using the Mac platform as a base for applications and peripherals. Why? Because Mac Lion is not backwards compatible with its predecessor – Apple dropped support for a number of functions or programs. So what’s the situation for people wanting to use a label maker for Mac Lion, for example?

Label makers, meaning printers specifically designed to print labels, have had a checkered relationship with Mac operating systems in the past. Each manufacturer’s model needs a specific software driver to take the print request from the operating system and then translate that into something the label maker can understand. Your choices in the past would have been to make do with small Mac compatible label makers or to use a Windows PC to do your printing. None of these “solutions” are good for a growing business. Small label makers can’t keep up with volumes required and extra PC platforms mean extra complexity. 


A Mac-centric approach to enterprise label makers

The good news? You can now use an enterprise-level label maker for Mac Lion, which also works for prior Mac OS X releases and those coming after it (OS X v10.8 “Mountain Lion”, for example). The IntelliBar label printer uses genuine Mac OS software drivers available for any release of OS X from version 3 onwards. Installation is simple and fast. That means no more small desktop printer performance and no need either to bring in other operating systems.


The IntelliBar solution – “set it, forget it, and get on with your business”

The speed and volume of label printing from IntelliBar printers in a Mac environment means suitability for intensive barcode use in areas like product production and logistics. Up to 12 inches of labels per second (with flexibility on label size and length, and fan-fold or roll-fed) and thousands of labels in one print run mean you won’t be left hanging around, while reliable operation day in and day out lets you safely get back to putting your energy into your business. The rugged construction using a steel chassis, the heavy-duty printing mechanism and robust print heads mean you can stop worrying about plastic frames breaking under stress or printers grinding to a halt. And IntelliBar printers also give you the choice of thermal transfer or direct thermal print modes for even more flexibility.

 After that, the only real limitations are on the number of different labels, barcode or otherwise, that you can create for printing. Let your imagination run free with Mac graphics and label design applications, with the certainty that the printed version will be as good-looking as what you see on your screen. With a full range of accessories, replacement print heads, range of ribbon types, and service and support, IntelliBar printers bring you a real label maker for Mac Lion solution and a route towards the future as well.

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