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What a real OS X label printer offers that other printers do not

Posted by Susan Fields

lion and cub If you can run a business using Mac OS X, shouldn’t you also have the same power to do the printing you need – especially label printing for things like for product and distribution barcodes? It sounds reasonable, but things haven’t always been that simple. In the past, unless the printer you wanted to use had a specific Mac OS printer driver available, you had to grit your teeth and do your printing via a PC. For specific types of printing such as barcode label printing, OS X label printers that did work out of the box tended to be small desk top printers only.

There’s no doubt about it, real label printing solutions that can handle a full range of enterprise requirements should be designed to be Mac-centric. It’s the approach IntelliTech takes with its IntelliBar printers. The end-to-end thinking behind everything from on-screen barcode graphics to quality adhesive barcode labels revolves around the Mac style of IT. IntelliBar printers for Mac OSX come with purpose-written Mac printer driver software, making installation and use a snap. The total Mac barcode label printing solution also includes a graphical barcode design application to let you make your barcodes the way you want.


High performance label printing without the drag of downtime

So far, so good, but all those creative barcode designs also need to be printed in a way that gives excellent and durable print quality. Barcodes often have to function in trying environments, including production, laboratories, logistics and distribution. The barcode label you use on an item has to remain clear and readable over its expected lifetime. And if you’re running a business of any reasonable size, you’ll also need reliable printing performance from your OS X label printer to match at speeds that let you get on with work, instead of making you hang around waiting. That’s already a good reason to look beyond the small desktop label printers that have been available so far.

Luckily, IntelliBar printers, besides being Mac-centric, are also built to exacting standards of label printing, robustness and performance. Each IntelliBar printer is manufactured with heavy-duty, industrial grade components for years of trouble-free operation. Besides the label design and print software mentioned above, it also benefits from the availability of a full range of label media, printer ribbons, and support and maintenance services. With print speeds of up to 12 inches per second, you’ll find the IntelliBar printer that suits your requirements and that will continue to suit them into the future as well.

Mix it up if you want, but still save money

Does that mean that other operating systems like Windows or Linux have been left out in the cold? Not at all. IntelliBar printers for Mac OSX can be attached to a standard TCP/IP local network, and other computers attached to that network can also access the IntelliBar printer. So besides being a top performing OS X label printer, it can also handle your label printing requirements from other sources, with the same ease of set-up and the same performance and reliability. Given the mixed IT environments in enterprises today, that really makes good sense.

Quality, creativity, dependability, performance – what more could you ask for? Ah yes, how about cost-effectiveness? IntelliBar printers have that down as well, with a choice of thermal printing modes: direct thermal and thermal transfer printing for excellent quality label printing that also protects the print head. The result is longer life, lower maintenance and together with the Mac-centric future-proofed design, an overall reduction in total cost of ownership. Macs have always looked good for graphical design work, creative barcode labels included – and barcode label printing from Macs has never looked so good, now that IntelliBar printing solutions are on the scene.

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