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A barcode printer for Mac that lets you get on with your business

Posted by Susan Fields

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Gone are the days when a Mac was automatically labeled as a trendier kind of PC that businesses had to struggle to integrate into their IT environment. Now whole enterprise IT architectures can be built on the latest generation of Apple’s operating system, OS X. Manufacturing, production and asset management applications are all within range along with patient care and leisure management as well. It’s no surprise that these are also all areas that can benefit from the use of barcodes, if you have the right barcode printer for Mac systems.

 What makes a barcode printer “right” in this context? In a dynamic industrial or business environment, a printer has to be able to keep up with barcode label printing demand (printing several thousand labels in one run is a common requirement), and integrate easily into the Mac IT environment – after all, ease of use was what started people on Macs in the first place. Makeshift solutions like small desktop compatible printers [A1] only go to stress the need for industrial grade barcode printers like those in the IntelliBar range, which have been designed from the beginning with Mac systems in mind.


How business continuity is designed into IntelliBar print solutions

 Performance, quality and dependability are all part of the IntelliBar printer range. In your business, time is money, and waiting for labels to print, for technicians to fix jams or for support to replace broken printer parts can become very expensive. So IntelliBar printers are designed for 24/7 operation from their long life print heads, through their robust drive mechanisms and down to their rugged steel chassis. They avoid fragile plastic parts so as to increase longevity and decrease maintenance, and also to allow high-performance printing (up to 12 inches per second) whenever you need it.

 Flexibility is also part of the IntelliBar solution for you. Whereas office printers only print on one format of cut sheet paper and have difficulty in handling special media or paper coatings, IntelliBar barcode printers handle variable dimensions and hundreds of different label media. Instead of trying to dance around the limitations of office printers, you can opt for the freedom to choose between printing out individual labels on demand or volume print runs from a purpose-built barcode printer for Macs.


Everything you need for barcode printing – quickly, conveniently, reliably

 How will you connect your barcode printer to your Mac? When you use an IntelliBar printer, it’s a cinch with an Ethernet. Then enjoy fast and easy installation and configuration, thanks to the specifically designed IntelliBar printer driver for Mac OS X. The quicker you can get started, the quicker you’ll get the benefits, and we design all our printers with that goal in mind. Our constant development programs also mean that your barcode printer will remain “future-proofed” and up to date with future versions of Mac OS.

 IntelliBar barcode printer solutions go further than just the printer. They include available Mac graphics applications for designing your barcodes, labels and media, a choice of ribbon types, and full service and support programs. People who are serious about their business, their Mac IT investments and their time know that IntelliBar solutions from IntelliTech provide everything they need to move ahead in all these areas. And finally, remember also that we also offer “Try and Buy” programs, so that you can truly make sure you’re getting what you need from an IntelliBar printer to then confirm your choice.

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