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Parts of a Barcode Label

Posted by Susan Fields


Parts of a Barcode Label

Labels generally consist of three basic parts:

  • facestock
  • adhesive  
  • release liner

Each component is manufactured using materials to fit particular operating conditions and purposes.


Facestock is important because it is the foundation of the printed image. Label facestocks are made from either paper or synthetic materials. They can also be treated with special coatings for a variety of applications, which take into consideration:

  • label longevity
  • print speeds
  • environmental concerns, such as extreme temperatures
  • solvent and water resistance
  • smudge, scratch and tear resistance

Choice of facestock affects choice of ribbon since not all facestocks are compatible with all ribbons. The smooth surface of thermal transfer facestock results in labels that are highly readable with controlled ink absorption for good smear and bleed resistance -- the key to a high-quality image.

Your operating conditions and requirements determine the best label for your needs

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