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Part 2: Finding the Right Label Solution: Label Life and Temperatures

Posted by Kathleen

(7/10/20)   Hey, it's Kathleen - this is Part 2 of our series of questions we ask to identify your label requirements  in order to find you the right label solution.  The questions are underlined and italicized within the paragraphs for your convenience.

Today's discussion is about Label Life and Temperatures

Label Life

Quite simply:  how long does your label need to last?  Is it days, weeks, months, a year or years?  If it's a shipping label, for instance, then it only needs to last days - from the time the label is applied to the carton to the time the carton is delivered.  There - job done.  Label has lived its life.  The label solution:  simply a paper direct thermal or thermal transfer label. 

However, if it's an asset or inventory label, it will likely need to last years.  In that case, you would need a longer lasting, more durable label.  The label solution:  a synthetic thermal transfer.  Now we've got the label life information.

Next question pertains to Temperatures. 


Temperatures:  Apply and Use Temperatures

Apply Temperature

This pertains to the temperature of the object or product at the time you're applying the label to it.

For instance, let's say you're labeling a frozen box of seafood. 

At the time the label is applied, what will be the temperature of the object/product (i.e., the frozen box of seafood) to which the label is being applied?  And this question is best answered in a temperature range scale. 

Let's say the temperature range of the frozen box of seafood is between -50F to -25F.  

Now we've got the apply temperature information.


Use Temperature

This temperature pertains to  what the temperature range the label will be exposed to over its life?

Let's take the frozen box of seafood again.  And it's kept in a freezer until it's ready for final sale, for instance.  And you've determined the temperature range of the labeled box will exposed to over its life is -120F to -20F.

Now we have the two important temperature range specifications necessary towards finding the right label material and adhesive that must withstand:

The Apply temp of -50F to -25F

The Use temp of -120F to -20F

Another step towards  towards finding the right label material and adhesive that must withstand the above specified temperature label requirements.


Discussed in our next blog will be: 1) label where used and 2) label exposure.


Don’t be overwhelmed - we can help you identify your label requirements and help find you the right label solution using our comprehensive label questionnaire that we can review together over the phone if you wish - contact us.


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