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Part 3: Finding the Right Label Solution: Label Where Used and Label Exposure

Posted by Kathleen

(7/13/20)   Hey, it's Kathleen - this is Part 3 of our series of questions we ask to identify your label requirements  in order to find you the right label solution.  The questions are underlined and italicized within the paragraphs for your convenience.

Today's discussion is about Where the Label is Used and Label Exposure.

Label Where Used

Quite simply:  Where is the label going to be used?  Will it be used inside (such as a building like a warehouse or office), outside (outdoors) or both inside and outside.  It's important to know this because it will greatly determine what type of label material and adhesive would be required. 

Now we've got the information on where the label will be used.

Next question pertains to Label Exposure 

Label Exposure

Chemicals, solvents, moisture, ultraviolet light

Will the label be exposed to chemicals, solvents, moisture and ultraviolet light, etc.?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, then it's important to gather as much information on each that apply.

Are there labels and adhesives that can withstand the above?  You bet.  But what specific label material and adhesive depends on the specific exposures.

For instance, exposure to chemicals and solvents.  What are the chemical(s) or solvents the label will be exposed to?  Providing an Material Safety Sheet (MSS) is often very helpful.  An MSS is a technical document which provides detailed and comprehensive information on the chemical such as physical properties, toxicity, reactivity.  An MSS can be obtained from the manufacturer of that product.  Identifying  these key components will aid towards finding the right label material and adhesive that will withstand the chemical's or solvents successfully.

The same holds true for moisture.  Will the label be exposed to moisture such as rain, if outdoors, or moisture from a refrigerator, freezer, a process where water or steam is involved?  And for how long?

Ultraviolet (UV) Light is another element to consider.  Will the label be exposed to UV light like the sun outdoors or UV from indoor lights like fluorescent tube, incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, halogen or metal halide lamps, neon or high intensity discharge lamps.  Not having the right label material would not only fade or deteriorate the label but also the print on the label.

Now we've got where the label will be used and the label exposures information.

Discussed in our next blog will be: 1) how the label will be applied and 2) standard conformance.


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